"The fastest and easiest way to develop cross-platform 2D games."



Loom's powerful, Rails-inspired workflow lets you spend your time building your game. It takes one command to make a new project, and another to run it. Plus you get access to every version of Loom ever released, automatically. Could it get any easier?


LoomScript is a powerful and efficient scripting language, instantly familiar to ActionScript 3, JavaScript, or C# developers. Our blazing fast compiler checks and builds your code in milliseconds. Jump in and start coding with confidence.


Loom is open source, and you can participate in its development for free on GitHub! Loom Turbo adds a great workflow, TestFlight integration, and prebuilt binaries served piping hot from our build farm for a low monthly fee.


OS X, iOS, Android, Windows, Ouya, and Ubuntu. Custom ports for Windows Phone 8, Blackberry, and consoles are available. And open source means you control your own destiny. Take your project everywhere you need it!


Loom apps weigh in at a slim 2-4 megabytes depending on platform. We cram the features in so your users don't waste time on a big download. Instant gratification equals happy customers - especially on mobile!


Loom comes with ~50 examples, hundreds of documented API classes, and guides covering major features like IAP and device deployment. Once you've created an account, post on our forums, visit our IRC channel, or contact us directly for support.


We interoperate with your favorite tools. FlashDevelop has first class LoomScript support, including autocomplete. Loom live reloads assets created in Photoshop, Tiled, and even Flash (via DragonBones). You can also add your own live reloadable formats.



Contraption Maker

Contraption Maker

Spiritual successor to all-time classic The Incredible Machine, Contraption Maker has you build amazing Rube Goldberg-esque devices to solve fun and challenging puzzles. It uses a heavily modified fork of Loom, including custom networking, deterministic fixed point physics, and Steam integration.


John integrated Loom's open source runtime with third party hardware to create this great experience.
HeadsUp Poker

HeadsUp Poker

Divilly Sausages' exciting HeadsUp Poker is available on Google Play. Loom's fast iteration times made it easy to build a fun game with high quality and engaging AI characters on short order.
Tower of the Dead!

Tower Of The Dead

Piles of skulls! Dangrously high scores! iOS Retina support! Tower Of The Dead is the product of a Halloween themed game jam. It's quick, fun, and full of flaming skulls.
Feathers UI


Every app needs a user interface - and Loom delivers in spades with its own port of Feathers, a powerful UI library by Josh Tynjala. Built from the ground up on Starling for maximum GPU powered performance, Feathers is fully skinnable and customizable library for you to build the interface that your project deserves. Check out the API docs and our port of the Feathers Component Explorer.


Loom includes a full port of PureMVC, a powerful framework for building applications and business logic. The PureMVC Example is a store application built on Loom's PureMVC. Games are sexy, but being able to maintain your app's logic is awfully handy!
Starling by Gamua


One of Loom's best kept secrets: a full port of Gamua's excellent Starling library, under the loom2d package. The same API used by AAA web games around the world makes speedy GPU rendering a part of Loom's DNA - we even wrote the core renderer in C++ to meet or exceed Starling in performance on every platform.


What would a programming language be without a unit test framework? spec-ls adds unit testing to LoomScript. It's a powerful foundation for any project in Loom that needs a little more structure.


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